Knees Over Toes Equipment List | KOT Exercises

The Tib Factory offers affordable equipment that is perfect for the knees over toes exercises developed by strength coaches Charles Poliquin and Ben Patrick. Find the tools you need for pain free athletic ability and longevity all in one place.

Weighted Sleds - A powerful principle taught by Ben Patrick is reversing out knee pain with reverse sled drags. The Tiny Tank Weighted Sled from the Tib Factory is an affordable and portable weighted sled that comes with pull handles for reverse sled drags to target the quads, ankles, and feet, and forward sled drags that challenge the glutes, hamstrings, calves, achilles tendons, and feet. If you are experiencing knee pain and have been cleared for exercise, reverse sled drags are great first step for regaining strength in a safe scalable way that helps you build strength from the ground up.

Reverse Sled Drag

Forward Sled Drag


 Slant Boards - Slant Boards are an excellent tool for knee pain and back pain when squatting. Squatting on an angle allows you to keep a more upright torso to challenge the quads instead of putting all of the weight on the lower back and hips. If you have ankle flexibility limitations, squatting on an angle will allow you to achieve a deeper, more comfortable range of motion, and allow you to drive the knees over the toes while remaining upright. Slant Boards can also be used for calf exercises and to improve range of motion in posterior strengthening exercises such as the Jefferson curl and Romanian dead lift. 

Slant Board Squat

Poliquin Step Up

Jefferson Curl

Knees Over Toes Split Squat

 Romanian Dead lift

Seated Calf Raise

Standing Calf Raise


Tibialis Training - The Tibialis has described the tibialis as the first line of defense. It's used as a force absorber in athletic movements like cutting, sprinting, jumping, and bounding. A strong anterior tibialis also has the ability to improve dorsiflexion and mobility of the ankle. Tib raises can help fix shin splints, strengthen and improve ankle range of motion, and strengthen the tibialis to better support the knee and rest of the body during movement. It can be helpful to isolate sides if there is a large imbalance or an acute injury to one side that needs to be trained independently.

Single Leg Tib Raises

Two Leg Tib Raises



Tib Factory Combo Packs - Combine Sled Training, with Slant Board Training, and Tib Training at an affordable price with Tib Factory Combo Packs.

ATG Starter Kit (Olympic)

 Quad Killer


A big thanks to Ben Patrick for inspiring much of my own training and his influence on the fitness and physical therapy industry with knees over toes training.