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How is the ATG community responding to the tib blaster?

Hi Petie, the Tib Blaster works great. I have used it on a variety of patients ranging from patients with ankle joint mobility impairments to patients with balance challenges to patients with neurologic impairments in dorsiflexion (lumbar radiculopathy). All of my patients have enjoyed using the Tib Blaster (seriously!). In particular the patients with ankle joint mobility impairments have noted immediate changes in their ROM/gait after using the Tib Blaster. Thank you for making these!

Dr. Bryan Dennison, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, FAAOMPT

I received my Tib Blaster in the mail today, and put it to use straight away. The pump is unbelievable. I've tried so many other ways which just felt...lackluster at best, but I felt at least I was doing something. I'm so glad to finally have a purpose oriented tool in my arsenal for this muscle group. I've got some.catching up to won't take long. Thank you for your help!

Derricotte W.

You're a legend dude! I'm going to go out and make this now - I just got started with Ben Patrick and was wanting to buy the tib bar but its far too expensive for me - this is an amazing alternative!

A. Potts

The pricing is very reasonable, no need to justify it. It's 3x cheaper including shipping than the next cheapest alternative. Placed my order today. Can't thank you enough

Y. Stephen

It's a wonderful tool and only 15 lbs does the work on my tibias already!

M. Denis

Petie, just ordered another slant board. That thing is indispensable and simply amazing. I love VMO squats. I'm so much freaking stronger going through the ATG program in the past 4 months. Slant board has been a HUGE part of the journey. I rock the tib blaster at least 3 times a week as well. 

C. Avila

Just received my Tib Bar and slant board from Petie Project. Hard recommend. Good sturdy builds.

H. Reininger

Got my tib blaster, well constructed. Tried it out and works great. Thanks man.

M. Foster

The Petie Project I got it about 10 days ago, it’s great. Very durable and well made. Thanks

J. J.

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