Don't Call It A Comeback
Don't Call It A Comeback
Don't Call It A Comeback
Don't Call It A Comeback
Don't Call It A Comeback
Don't Call It A Comeback
Don't Call It A Comeback
Don't Call It A Comeback
Don't Call It A Comeback
Don't Call It A Comeback

Don't Call It A Comeback

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  • Strategic Mobility, Recovery, and Nervous System Downregulation
  • Locomotion Strength
  • Plyometrics / Isometrics
  • Functional Full Range Upper Body Strength
  • Functional Full Range Lower Body Strength
  • Leverage Competition, Fun, and Creativity to Discover Untapped Potential


  • Quality over Quantity / Minimum Effective Dose
  • Training Frequency and Intention Beats Training Volume and Intensity
  • Prioritize Frequent Expression of Capacities vs Overreaching for New Capacities
  • The Weight Room Plays a Support Role Instead of the Lead in Freeing Your Inner Athlete
  • Training Should Fill The Void Left from Your Sport and Activities
  • Your Training is Only as Good as Your Recovery

DOES THIS SOUND LIKE YOU? You were an athletic kid and loved playing sports. You discovered lifting weights and loved the results you saw as you increased in size and strength. The weight room helped you be an even better athlete and you were sure at this point you had it figured out. You continued to lift and play sports competitively or recreationally throughout highschool and college and had a few injuries or maybe even surgeries along the way, but nothing slowed you down for long. You started working a 9-5, primarily sitting at a desk. You continued to prioritize lifting and did a decent job maintaining your strength but gradually made less and less time for fun, competition, and free expression of your body. You're now feeling pain from some of your old injuries or pain in new places. You're feeling stiff and have lost confidence in your ability to express your strength and athleticism for fear of injury and pain. Maybe you even hopped back in for some pickup basketball or flag football after having not played for a few years and now your old injury sites are screaming at you.

While we all like to think our story is unique, unfortunately this story is common. The uncommon story is the person who doesn’t chalk this up to “I’m just too old,” or “I can’t do that any more because I had or have (fill in the blank).” I created this program to make you uncommon.

Don’t Call It A Comeback is the culmination of a 4 year journey through chronic knee pain, countless hours of research, experimentation, and self discovery to put myself back in the category of uncommon. This is not a comeback. It’s an expression of what you knew you had all along. This program empowers you to take responsibility for where you currently are in life, and most importantly re-earn your trust in yourself and your belief system. 


  • 10 Week Program
  • 7 Days / Week Protocol with 4-5 Days / Week in the Gym
  • 4 Phases of Progressive Programming
  • Phase 1 : Youngling (Weeks 1-2) 
  • Phase 2 : Padawan (Weeks 3-4) 
  • Phase 3 : Knight (Weeks 5-7) 
  • Phase 4 : Jedi (Weeks 8-10) 



  • Digital PDF program that will be sent directly to your email upon purchase
  • Daily schedule that includes in depth video explanations of every exercise with alternatives if you do not have the preferred equipment. 
  • In depth explanations of the training philosophy and structure behind the program
  • Recovery and Nutrition protocols
  • In depth explanation of chronic pain in athletes and the mind-body connection that is often overlooked in run of the mill physical therapy protocols


  • This is not a vertical jump program, but I’m jumping higher than I have since my mid 20s
  • This is not a sprint program, but I’ve regained the ability to express my speed and quickness
  • This is not a rehab protocol, but my body feels fresh, bouncy, and athletic
  • This is not a shred program, but my body is lean, ripped, and powerful
  • You can expect to feel refreshed, athletic, and ready to take on any training goal you have in your sights whether it’s on the field, court, or in everyday existence


  • Older athletes with nagging aches and pains that feel their body has become more of a prison than a vessel for freedom, creativity, and expression
  • Athletes that feel like they’ve lost a step and their current weight room regimen is no longer serving them
  • Athletes coming off season that are feeling run down from their sport and training that want to get back to feeling fresh, strong, and bouncy

WHAT'S HOLDING YOU BACK? A More Athletic, Pain Free Version of Yourself Is Waiting. LET'S GET AFTER IT!