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KOT Squat Wedge

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KOT SQUAT WEDGE - The KOT squat wedge is a versatile and affordable alternative to single foot squat wedges or larger slant boards. The KOT Squat Wedge is perfect for knees over toes training from home and is also portable so that it can easily travel with you to and from the gym. While The Tib Factory Slant Board is built to elevate your entire foot, the KOT Squat Wedge only elevates your heels and is extremely portable because of its low profile.

STOP WASTING TIME WITH TWO SEPARATE WEDGES - Unlike smaller individual wedges that are hard to line up for two legged movements, the KOT squat wedge is extra wide to allow for unilateral movements like the knees over toes split squat and bilateral movements like the VMO squat without changing your setup. The KOT squat wedge is portable, lightweight, and durable while also being more versatile and easier to use ease than smaller single foot squat wedges.

BULLETPROOF KNEES - The KOT Squat Wedge is an affordable solution for strengthening your patellar tendons, quadriceps / VMO, and full lower body development. The KOT Squat wedge can be used for unilateral knees over toes exercises like the Poliquin step up, the KOT split squat, seated single leg calf raises, standing single leg calf raises, as well as bilateral movements like the VMO squat / KOT Squat, Jefferson Curls, and toes elevated Romanian Dead Lifts. 

BEST SQUAT WEDGE FOR KNEES OVER TOES PROGRAMS - Slant board exercises and Squat Wedge exercises have been popularized by coaches like Charles Poliquin and Ben Patrick from the Athletic Truth Group. Elevating the heels is great for increasing knee range of motion, becoming more athletic, bulletproofing your knees and patellar tendons, and eliminating knee pain. 

SQUAT WEDGE FOR KNEE PAIN - Slant board squats along with heels elevated squats on a squat wedge are a powerful method for fixing knee pain while strengthening your patellar tendons and quadriceps muscles. While it’s always recommended that you seek professional help if you are having pain, heels elevated have been shown to help fix patellar tendonitis and improve many other knee ailments by allowing for a knee dominant squat pattern with the knees tracking over the toes while keeping the torso upright.

SQUAT WEDGE FOR ATHLETES - Many of the cheap squat wedges on the market today are not wide enough or strong enough to support larger athletes and weighted slant board exercises. While bodyweight slant board exercises are a great first step in a knee pain rehabilitation program, knee bulletproofing often requires extra load. The Tib Factory KOT Squat Wedge is built to handle weighted movements like heels elevated barbell squats, and barbell poliquin step-ups. The Tib Factory KOT Squat Wedge is 19.75” wide to accommodate both wide and narrow stance squats and is built on a 24 degrees angle to better target the patellar tendons and VMO. 

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