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Tib Factory Step Up Wedge - Adjustable Split Squat Wedge
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Step Up Wedge

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PERFECT FOR KNEES OVER TOES EXERCISES- The Tib Factory Step Up Wedge is an affordable solution for knees over toes training and full lower body development. Unlike most step up boards that only have 3 settings, The Tib Factory Step Up Wedge has 4 different levels in 1.5" increments for more scalable progressions and regressions of KOT exercises. The Included KOT squat wedge is removable and secures to the top step for safe and scalable unilateral and bilateral KOT exercises at 4 different elevations (2.25", 3.75", 5.25", 6.75").

STEP UP WEDGE FOR KNEES OVER TOES PROGRAMS - The Tib Factory Step Up Wedge is perfect for progressing and regressing exercises such as the Poliquin Step Up, Peterson Step Up, Patrick Step Up, Heels Elevated KOT Split Squats, VMO Squats and more. Many of these movements were popularized by Ben Patrick, and the training System from the Athletic Truth Group. Heels elevated step up variations are great for increasing knee range of motion, becoming more athletic, bulletproofing your knees and patellar tendons, and eliminating knee pain. The KOT Squat Wedge encourages a full range of motion in squatting and step up exercises while maintaining a more upright torso to better load the VMO muscle that helps directly support the knee.

500 LB TESTED FOR ATHLETES - The Step Up Wedge is built to handle the load of larger athletes and and has been tested to safely support 500 lbs. While bodyweight step up exercises are a great first step in a knee pain rehabilitation program, knee bulletproofing often requires extra load. The Tib Factory Step Up Wedge is built to handle weighted barbell step up variations. The top surface is 19.75” wide x 12.75" long to accommodate both unilateral and bilateral exercises and the removable wedge is built on a 24 degrees angle to better target the patellar tendons and VMO by elevating the heels.

EXERCISES FOR KNEE PAIN - Knees Over Toes Split Squats, heels elevated squats, and step up variations are a powerful method for fixing knee pain while strengthening your patellar tendons and quadriceps. While it’s always recommended that you seek professional help if you are having pain, heels elevated squats and step up variations have been shown to help fix patellar tendonitis and improve many other knee ailments. 

SHIPPING - All Step Up Wedges will ship within 3 business days of placing your order (and some sooner!). Shipping is $20 in the Contiguous United States (unless you meet the free shipping minimum) and we also offer international shipping options. All International shoppers are responsible for any and all customs, duties, and brokerage fees for your country upon arrival of your product.